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Leveling up your film photography just got easier!

Welcome to Shoot It With Film Insiders!

Have you ever…

➤ Wanted to take your film photography to the next level and become a more confident film shooter?

➤ Felt scared to push yourself creatively and a bit lost on how to share your heart and soul through your images?

➤ Wanted to experiment more with your film work, but you’re just not sure how?

➤ Felt stuck in a rut and looking for help feeling inspired to capture the world around you on film?

We are here to help!

Shoot It With Film Insiders was created to give you a supportive and encouraging place to learn film photography, challenge yourself creatively, and connect with others on a similar journey.

We wanted to build a creative space where you can experiment without judgment, share your work and be encouraged no matter where you are in your film photography journey, and receive the support and accountability you need to keep growing and pushing your creative boundaries.

What’s included in your membership?

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Each month we will tackle a different film photography topic (such as double exposures, developing B&W film, and so much more!), and you will have access to exclusive videos and resources to support your growth.

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Artist Interviews

Exclusive artist interviews! We’ll be talking with and interviewing amazing film photographers about their process and creative journey.

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Most importantly, you will have access to our private, members-only Facebook group where you will get support, encouragement, and be able to connect with others on the same journey. Ask all of your film photography questions, share your successes and failures in a safe and encouraging environment, and get that accountability needed to continue to grow and learn.

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Features and Opportunities

If you want to reach a larger audience with your film photography, we want to give you with more ways to do that! We will have special features on the Shoot It With Film Instagram account and website just for our Insiders!

We are just about ready to go live with our Insiders group, and we are inviting a small group of people to become Founding Members.

What is a Founding Member?

  • As a Founding Member you will get first access to Shoot It With Film Insiders.
  • We will need your feedback! We will be in beta testing for the first few months as we figure out what works best for the Insiders. Your feedback will be invaluable during this process and help us create the group you want and need.
  • You will be offered access to Shoot It With Film Insiders at the lowest price it will ever be! As a thank you for signing on to the early stages, working through the kinks with us, and helping us make the group the best it can be, you will receive an awesome discount locked in for as long as your Founding Member subscription is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIWF Insiders all about?
SIWF Insiders is all about community and education. We want to give you a supportive community filled with resources to help you grow into a confident film shooter with the ability to express yourself creatively, the courage to experiment, and the know-how to execute any vision you can dream up.
What kind of support will I get in my film journey?
You will get two major kinds of support with SIWF Insiders. First, you will get monthly educational materials to help you learn more about shooting film. These materials will be a mix of video lessons, inspiration guides, technique demonstrations, artist interviews, and Q&As. Second, you will get an amazing community that is there for you. You can ask questions, seek advice, share your work, and connect with other film photographers.
When will the educational content be available, and how do I access it?
Each month, we will focus on a specific film related topic, and we will release educational materials about that topic throughout the month. All of these materials (and all materials for past monthly topics) will be available on the SIWF Insiders website and in the Insiders Facebook group.
How do I get into the Insiders Facebook group?
After signing up for the Insiders membership, you will get a link to the private Insiders Facebook group. When you request access to the Facebook group, you will also be asked for the email address you used when you purchased your membership. We’ll approve your access to the Facebook group within 24 hours after receiving the request and verifying your email.
What if I don't have a Facebook account?
You will need a Facebook account to participate in the community aspect of Shoot It With Film Insiders, but you do not need a Facebook account to access the educational materials (they will be here on the website as well as on Facebook). But we strongly encourage participating in our Facebook community to enjoy the full benefits of the Insiders membership.
Is SIWF Insiders right for me if I already know how to shoot film?
Yes! Our goal here at SIWF Insiders is to support and encourage you no matter where you are in your film journey. Our educational material will span a range of ability levels, and, for each topic, we will provide both beginners and more seasoned shooters with plenty tips to help you grow.
I don't know how to shoot film yet, but I'd really like to start. Is SIWF Insiders right for me?
We are working on a special materials just for people who are brand new to film photography to help walk you through all the basics and get you shooting film in no time. These materials are in the works, and it may be a few months before they are available in the Insiders group. Until then, you will have access to the SIWF Insiders private Facebook community to ask any questions you have about shooting film.
What if I have lots of film questions?
We are here for you! You can ask questions and get advice, support, and feedback anytime in the Insiders Facebook community. We will also host Q&As where you can submit questions.
How much does SIWF Insiders cost?
Our current Founding Members special is $14/month. This is the lowest price SIWF Insiders will ever be!
What is a Founding Member?
We are just about ready to go live with our Insiders group, and we are inviting a small group of people to become Founding Members. A Founding Member will receive early access to SIWF Insiders. You will be with us from the very beginning! And as a thank you for signing on to the early stage of this journey with us, you will be able to join SIWF Insiders at $14/month, the lowest price we will ever offer it! This Founding Member price will be locked in for as long as your subscription is active.
What if I decide to cancel my membership?
You can cancel anytime! You can cancel your Insiders membership through a few clicks on the Account page any time you’re logged into the Insiders website. Your membership will expire at the end of the billing cycle.
What is your refund policy?
You may cancel your membership at any time, but due to the nature of Shoot It With Film Insiders, we do not offer refunds once a membership fee has been paid.
If I cancel my membership, and want to rejoin again later? Can I still get the Founding Members discount?
Unfortunately no. The discount applies for as long as you are an active member but will no longer be available if you decide to cancel and rejoin later.
Can I access any content after I cancel?
After you cancel, your membership will expire at the end of the billing cycle. Once the membership has expired, you will no longer have access to the content modules or the Insiders Facebook community.

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